Emotional Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the first impression many people have of you, so it’s perfectly normal to be anxious about what that impression will be. Being embarrassed about how your teeth look can have emotional effects, damaging your self-esteem and confidence.

At Dr. Carl F. Lipe’s cosmetic dental practice in Denver, Colorado, smile imperfections can be remedied, and your emotional state addressed. Dr. Lipe or Dr. Juliann Lyons can whiten or straighten your teeth, adjust your gum line, and repair chips or cracks. Our team can even replace a completely destroyed or missing tooth with cosmetic dentistry services designed to make you feel great about yourself and your smile.

Your teeth and your emotions

Tooth imperfection or loss has long been associated with altered emotional states. In one study, adults who had six teeth or more removed experienced depression and anxiety. Dental problems can cause any of the following:

Cosmetic dentistry can help

In younger people, smile imperfections can affect their emotional state at school and in social situations. Addressing issues with cosmetic dental options like tooth whitening and clear braces can restore self-confidence and boost your teen’s emotional state.

For many adults, dental issues can lead to an aversion to visiting the dentist, as they may feel they will be judged or reprimanded over the state of their teeth. At our dental practice, there is never any judgment, and we will work with you to restore your oral health and help you regain feelings of positivity about your smile.

Seniors may simply resign themselves to tooth loss as a part of aging, but in fact may be most at risk for depression and emotional upset over broken or missing teeth. We can address sunken facial features due to missing teeth and give you back a strong smile you can be proud of. 

Emotional benefits of cosmetic dentistry

You can feel an emotional boost by using cosmetic dentistry to fix flaws in your smile. Your life can be improved by:

Dental health is closely tied to your emotional health. If you are ready for the smile of your dreams, contact our Denver, Colorado, office and ask for an appointment with Dr. Lipe. You can reach us directly at 303-558-6231 or request an appointment online.

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