How Professional Teeth Whitening at the Dentist Compares to Over the Counter Products

If you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened, you’re probably wondering if you should have it done professionally or do it yourself at home. Although over-the-counter whitening kits can save you some money, you won’t achieve the same results you’d get with professional whitening. 

Let’s discuss how over-the-counter products compare to a professional whitening treatment at Carl F Lipe, DDS.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products

Some teeth whitening products you can find in stores include:

Most at-home kits are low-cost and easy to use. Although they’re convenient and can save time, there are a few factors to consider.

Tooth and gum irritation

Patients with gum disease or other dental problems shouldn’t whiten their teeth at home. The bleaching agents can cause a lot of pain and irritation to cavities and sensitive gums. 

Whitening trays, for example, slide over your teeth and include a gel-based substance. They can do a good job, but the trays aren’t designed especially for your teeth. If you wear a dental tray that isn’t properly aligned, it can rub against your gums, irritate them, and damage your gum tissue. 

Little shade changes 

Over-the-counter products contain less hydrogen peroxide, so they yield little results. They only improve your tooth shade slightly, and it can take a few weeks before you notice any changes. Is the risk of tooth or gum damage worth it?

The effects of overuse

Whitening treatments target your tooth enamel, not crowns or fillings. So if you use these products incorrectly or too much, they can make your natural teeth outshine your fillings. 

Crowns and fillings match the shade of your teeth, but over bleaching makes them stand out. Overusing these products can also give your teeth a gray tint and damage tooth enamel.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

Unlike over-the-counter products, professional teeth whitening from Dr. Carl F. Lipe and his team can improve your smile with a safer, pain-free treatment. 

Professional whitening is safer

As mentioned, over-the-counter products can hurt your teeth and gums if you have underlying dental problems; so can improper application. Dr. Lipe or a member of his dental care team perform an exam to make sure you’re in good oral health before whitening treatments.

Custom-made whitening trays

Why use an over-the-counter tray that hurts your gums when you can get a custom-made one? Dr. Lipe can make a kit for you from a mold of your mouth. They fit tightly over your teeth, so you don’t experience gum pain.

Better results in less time

At Carl F Lipe, DDS, we use a higher concentration of bleaching solution that provides much better results. Even if you have slightly crooked teeth, a professional application from our team still gives you even shading.

Ready to brighten your smile? Contact our office located in Denver, Colorado, to learn more about our professional teeth whitening procedures.

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