Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

Your smile is your calling card, and if your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like, it can make you embarrassed or self-conscious. But a wide, happy smile is only one benefit of better tooth alignment. Straighter teeth can also enhance your oral hygiene and dental well-being and guard against potentially serious complications of crowded or crooked teeth.

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Misaligned teeth and plaque

When teeth are poorly aligned, causing them to overlap or crowd each other in your mouth, food particles can easily get trapped, and harmful bacteria can overgrow in the tight areas. Such problems mean your teeth are much more difficult to take care of through proper brushing and flossing than is optimal. As a result, masses of bacteria known as plaque can build up. And plaque buildup sets the stage for tooth decay, cavities, and infections.

Plaque and gum disease

Over time, excess plaque between your teeth and near your gum line can cause or worsen gum disease, a common condition also known as periodontal disease. This inflammatory disease starts out with a mild stage, called gingivitis, which may cause few, if any, noticeable symptoms. If gingivitis goes untreated, though, it gradually leads to periodontitis, a more serious stage of gum disease associated with deep pockets between your teeth and gums, marked tooth decay, more serious infections, and even tooth and bone loss. 

Tooth alignment for prevention

Better aligned teeth can guard against dental health problems such as plaque buildup, cavities, and gum disease by preventing plaque buildup in the first place and by allowing you to brush and floss your teeth effectively on a routine basis. To get there, numerous effective teeth straightening options are available, including braces and the relatively new Invisalign® process. Many adults prefer Invisalign over braces because the devices are barely noticeable to others and are removed when you eat, brush, or floss. 

Dental implants provide an effective option for restoring alignment when you’ve lost a tooth due to injury or decay. For this permanent solution, Dr. Lipe places a titanium post in your jawbone. Over the following months, the post will fuse with your bone and start functioning as if it were a tooth root. The doctor then places a crown over the post to provide the appearance of a natural tooth.

In addition to the boost in your self-confidence, straightened teeth and/or dental implants can improve your talking and eating capabilities.

Once you have straighter teeth, make the most of your improved alignment by brushing well for at least two minutes twice a day and flossing effectively at least once each day. Schedule routine dental cleanings as well. Most people benefit from two professional cleanings per year. 

To learn much more about these perks and ways to invite them, call Dr. Lipe at 303-558-6231 or request an appointment on our website.

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