Family Dentistry Specialist

Carl F. Lipe

Dentist located in Denver, CO

If you want one friendly, state-of-the-art dentist’s office where every member of your family is welcome, you’re in luck. From your little one’s first check-up to geriatric dental care, Dr. Carl F. Lipe brings his knowledge, passion, and compassion to serve them all. At Denver Dental Implants in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Lipe provides state-of-the-art dental care and partners with area specialists to serve all your needs. If you live in Denver, Englewood, Aurora, Littleton, Commerce City, or surrounding areas, call or use the online form now to join the Denver Dental Implants family.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is dental care for every member of your family, from age 0 to 100. The Denver Dental Implants team headed by Dr. Lipe is an expert at working with the tiniest patients, ensuring that babies and children feel relaxed and happy during their check-ups and procedures. They offer special services for teens, such as Invisalign Teen® teeth straightening.

You, your parents, and grandparents can also expect exceptional care at Denver Dental Implants. Men and women of all ages come to the friendly, state-of-the-art center for:

  • Annual check-ups and cleaning
  • Preventive care
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Dentures, bridges, and crowns
  • Laser dentistry
  • Prosthodontics

When you need advanced periodontics or other oral procedures, Dr. Lipe partners with the most expert local specialists.

When should I bring my baby to family dentistry?

The American Dental Association recommends that babies have their first dental exam when their first tooth erupts or before the age of one year. Every member of Dr. Lipe’s staff has been trained to work with children from babyhood to teens. If your child needs a procedure, you can even request relaxation techniques instead of anesthesia.

Does family dentistry include biannual exams?

Yes! Dr. Lipe and his associate, Dr. Juliann Lyons, recommend that each member of your family have a dental examination and professional cleaning at least twice a year. Your twice-yearly appointment includes:

  • Oral examination
  • Cavities check
  • Oral cancer check
  • X-rays, when necessary
  • Intraoral photographs, when necessary
  • Professional dental cleaning

Dr. Lipe or Dr. Lyons may recommend other services, based on need. Your dentists also take time to educate you and your family members about proper brushing and flossing techniques, and other dental matters so that you can maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

Can I get preventive dentistry at a family dentist?

Dr. Lipe prides himself in offering preventive dentistry treatments for you and your family. Some options include fluoride treatments to keep your teeth strong and dental sealants to reduce the risk of developing cavities.

When you and your family are ready for a dentist, contact Denver Dental Implants by phone or online form. New patients are welcome.