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When you need oral surgery, you don’t want to feel a thing. Bringing over 25 years of experience and compassion to every procedure, Dr. Carl F. Lipe makes your oral surgery as comfortable as possible. At Denver Dental Implants in Denver, Colorado, you can select from a variety of anesthetic options, from non-medicinal calming techniques to general anesthesia. When you need an extraction, implant, or other oral surgery and you live in Englewood, Aurora, Littleton, Commerce City, or a surrounding area, contact Dr. Lipe at Denver Dental Implants. Call the helpful staff or book your appointment online today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

Carl F. Lipe DDS

When do I need oral surgery?

Dr. Lipe always takes the least invasive approach to your dental health. However, sometimes oral surgery is the best solution. He may recommend oral surgery to:

  • Remove impacted wisdom teeth
  • Remove an infected or broken tooth
  • Remove overly crowded teeth
  • Insert dental implants
  • Correct jaw problems
  • Remove abnormal tissue
  • Reconstruct facial tissue
  • Create and place bone grafts  

When should I have a decayed tooth extracted?

If your tooth is decayed, Dr. Lipe tries to save it with a root canal procedure, in which he drills into the tooth to remove all of the infectious material. A root canal preserves your natural tooth, which is always preferable to extraction.

However, if your tooth is badly decayed or broken and can’t be saved, Dr. Lipe extracts it to save the rest of your teeth and to preserve your health. Without an extraction, the infection can spread to your gums, your oral bones, and other teeth. Sometimes, the infection can get into your bloodstream.

Why do I have to remove wisdom teeth with oral surgery?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that human beings no longer need. Our mouths can’t usually accommodate this extra set of teeth, and so the wisdom teeth have nowhere to grow. They get impacted — stuck underneath the gum — or push your other teeth out of alignment.

Most men and women begin to notice their wisdom teeth trying to erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. If they cause pain or are negatively affecting your other teeth, Dr. Lipe recommends removing them.

Does oral surgery hurt?

Both Dr. Lipe and his expert dental partner, Dr. Juliann Lyons, are committed to making you comfortable and relaxed for any and all of your dental procedures. At Denver Dental Implants, you choose from a wide range of anesthetic options, including:

  • Non-medicinal calming techniques
  • Local anesthesia
  • Conscious sedation
  • General anesthesia

Feel free to talk to the friendly Denver Dental Implant staff about your preferences.

Can I get all types of oral surgery from a dentist?

Dr. Lipe and Dr. Lyons perform many oral surgery procedures themselves. However, if you need facial reconstruction, periodontal surgery, or treatment for sleep apnea, your Dental Denver Implants dentist may partner with local specialists.

If your teeth hurt, or if you have an injury, contact Denver Dental Implants about oral surgery. Call the office or book a consultation online today.